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Loddon's commitment to supporting families

Breaking the link between disadvantage and outcomes for children is complex.  Having high quality, accessible and culturally safe services is key to responding to the needs of children, young people and families who are experiencing vulnerability.  In addition to having a responsive system in place, in order to bring about long-term social change, we need to have strong and shared understanding of the drivers of vulnerability.  This knowledge needs to be widespread, spanning sectors and reaching leaders, practitioners and the community. 

As a partnership we have committed to supporting our workforce, and where possible, our communities, to having access to vital information that will create a stronger system to drive better outcomes for our children, young people and families.  

Our commitment is that the work we do with children, young people and families is: informed by an understanding of trauma and brain development, respectful of cultural differences, responsive to the causes and impacts of poverty (by strengthening social inclusion) and underpinned by a culture of sharing information and integrating our services (through collaborative practice).

Being skilful across the agreed four focus areas will assist us to do our jobs better now and ensure we are well informed about possible pathways to reduce vulnerability into the future.

The information made available under Loddon’s Commitment to Supporting Families will benefit any organisation or group committed to driving better outcomes for children, young people and families.

Our four focus areas

Understanding trauma

Respecting culture

Social inclusion

Collaborative practice